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Cornel Chiriac and Fans of Alternative Music Ad-hoc Collection at CNSAS


  • București Strada Matei Basarab 55, Romania 030167
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  • Romanian

Provenance and cultural activities

Description of content


  • grey literature (regular archival documents such as brochures, bulletins, leaflets, reports, intelligence files, records, working papers, meeting minutes): 1000-
  • manuscripts (ego-documents, diaries, notes, letters, drafts, etc.): 10-99
  • photos: 0-9

Stakeholder(s) of the collection

Geographical scope of recent operation

  • international

Place of founding

Access type

  • completely open to the public


  • Udrescu, Mircea. 2015. Metronon’70: Cornel Chiriac în documentele Securității (Metronon’70. Cornel Chiriac in the Securitate’s documents). București: Editura Universitară.

Author(s) of this page

  • Marin, Manuela
  • Petrescu, Cristina


ACNSAS, I 204265, vol. I, IV

ACNSAS, R 309386


Ionescu, Doru. 2016. Timpul chitarelor electrice: Cornel Chiriac și Epoca Beat (The Time of Electric Guitars. Cornel Chiriac and the Beat Age). București: Editura Intergral.

Măgură-Bernard, Ioana. 2007. Directorul postului nostru de radio (The director of our radio station). București: Editura Curtea Veche.

Stratone, Nelu. 2017. Rock sub seceră și ciocan: Istoria rockului românesc; vol.1: 1960–1989 (Rock under hammer and sickle: the history of Romanian rock; vol. 1: 1960–1989). București: Hiperliteratura.

Udrescu, Mircea. 2015. Metronom ’70: Cornel Chiriac în documentele Securității (Metronom ’70: Cornel Chiriac in the Securitate documents). București: Editura Universitară.

Petrescu, Dragoș, interview by Pintilescu, Corneliu, October 26, 2017. COURAGE Registry Oral History Collection

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